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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Workers' Party AMK "Suicide 6"

I had the privilege of being part of the Workers' Party team which contested Ang Mo Kio GRC in the last elections.

My role was basically to keep a video & photo record of what they do, help them out in their daily activites (like distributing flyers and going on walkabouts) and also to be the election agent of one of the candidates, Melvin Tan. (I was also suppose to be polling agent but the administration screwed up.)

The team consisted of team leader Yaw Shin Leong, Abdul Salim, Lee Wai Leng, Gopal Krishnan, Melvin Tan & Glenda Han. I must say honestly that I was very impressed by the level of commitment of each one of them - especially when we're going up against the PM in his home turf.

In those months before and during the elections, I did not hear any one of the 6 complained at all. That is a testament to the way the team worked. It is, in my opinion, due in no small part to the tireless planning of Yaw Shin Leong. Shin Leong is someone who inspires with his boundless energy. You never see him being still! He's the human equivalent to the energizer bunny.

During the GE, I mostly work with Melvin and Glenda - two of the most hardworking people I know. Melvin is a 'lone ranger' as he likes to accomplish tasks on his own - and he does it truly well. He's a man who wears many hats - which is actually a sign of the trust and faith that the party has in him. Another tireless worker, he once distributed the party's leaflets door to door until 5am in the morning! If anyone has any doubt about the AMK Team's commitment, Melvin's actions will dispel it immediately.

Glenda is a surprise to me. Honestly, I had my doubts if she would be able to have the energy to last such an intense 9-day campaign. Man, was I proved wrong! From the daily door-to-door distribution of leaflets (which is not an easy thing at all), to driving from one place to another ferrying other members of the team, to writing her own speeches and finding time in between to do her laundry and attend to her pub, Glenda showed multi-tasking under such a situation is not a problem at all.

Only thing is, she does not seem to do as well with the condition of her car! LOlzz..

We had another member helping us in all these - his name is Ernest. Everyday during the GE, Ernest is always around. He's the appointed election agent for Glenda - and he does a wonderful job. Glenda can attest to that. Glenda can also attest to Ernest's ability to feed her. LOLz...

The 9 days went by in a hurry and I suspect all of us kinda miss being together and working together everyday. How I wish the elections happened every year. 5 years is a long time to wait to be able to work with such wonderful people again.

We are all very very happy with the result which the team achieved - 33.87% of the vote. It's more than what we had expected - although I personally am not that surprised as I have always believed that the PM's support in AMK was not as strong as some may think. Also, walking the ground in AMK, it is quite easy to decipher the ground feeling.

In any case, we did an extremely good job.

I am immensely proud of the AMK 6.


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